All in crypto !

You are aware that Bitcoin has begun its new rally, after the words “The military to fight, everyone else — go to Crypto, is there the safest place!” (series “Game of Thrones”) ?

Data is a new oil, where the most modern oil pipelines are made using to the technology of distributed registry.

People have long begun to realize that information is the most expensive resource in this world. If you have the opportunity to fly back in time, you will take with you not money or valuables, but something more expensive -­ information. Money is the most easily renewable resource, it was and always will be, it will be dug up and minted or invented and printed, and then sent to find new information. Money was created partially to receive and to learn new unknown information. Today there is so much data that it is impossible to store, process and transfer it without digital media. Information has always been divided into categories, for example, “top secret” or “public”.

Every day more than a billion tweets appear, and the one who is best able to highlight something valuable in this stream of empty utterances will be able to earn a huge fortune. In 2006 marketer Clive Hamby has proposed a new slogan: “Data is a new oil.” The data is of great value, but in its raw form it is unsuitable for use. Just as oil needs to be converted into gas, plastics or gasoline, and something useful and profitable is already done with their help, so the data must be processed and analyzed to become useful.

Giants such as Amazon and Google currently dominate the data field. Moreover, as a result of the advantage, they get a positive feedback loop (the more data you have, the better your technical solutions that help to get even more new data). This completely contradicts the ideal vision of everyone who owns their own data and the creation of a fairer world by creating decentralized systems.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) — is the most advanced system for storing and transmitting digital information, it can be named Rolls-Royce in the world of data storage (new oil). One form of distributed ledger design is the blockchain system. Most people learned about blockchain thanks to bitcoin. The blockchain is already starting to change the processes of working with information and especially its most important sector — the financial one (read Bitcoin has become the locomotive of this technology, a business card, and today it acts as an indicator of the state of a new emerging market.

Those people who often say “what was the point of using your blockchain?” do not understand the principle that in this case the information you broadcast is encrypted, and the encryption keys remain only with you, unlike any centralized system (useful reading). Moreover, this is cheaper for the end consumer, since in distributed systems the profits and costs of all participants are visible and there are no greedy owners.

It will change the Internet before our eyes and there will be many new promising projects, a kind of “Google” of the new cycle of digitalization. Today, Bitcoin is the most powerful and secure network in the world. Getting unauthorized access to data changes in it is more difficult than robbing the most secure bank. Using it is easy, even while in prison, you can send any amount of Bitcoin to anyone in the world, having only access to a smartphone and paying a ridiculously small commission for it in relation to bank rates.

Everyone knows that Bitcoin is already more than 10 years old, but few people realize that the mental work on its birth was going on at least as far back as the 80-s. Stefan Brand and David Chaum proposed the first “electronic money” protocols in 1983.

The brightest mention after the concept was already formed was in the January issue of The Economist in 1988, a short article called Get Ready for the Phoenix.

So the history of this technology lasts about 40 years, and now it is gaining more momentum, attracting with its exponential growth. Apparently, all past growth is still just the beginning of a long journey.

Bitcoin is already in the TOP 25 world companies by assessing their market capitalization, among such giants as Amazon, Apple, JP Morgan, Walmart Inc, Visa, Bank of America and many others. It turns out that with a capitalization of $ 230 billion, bitcoin overtakes Samsung Electronics, Intel, The Coca-Cola Company and many others. Moreover, today the demand for the first cryptocurrency is limited, since it is not traded on the stock market on a par with these giants.

Also, let’s not forget that these lists include the oldest companies. Bitcoin has been a chain of different developments for 40 years, but as a currency appeared on the market only 10 years ago. Moreover, in such a short time it achieved such indicators without a CEO, an attached team or a specific headquarters.

Almost the whole of 2018 and partially 2019, a long correction took place on the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin lost about 70% of its value. This is a normal process in any market, so weak players get knocked out, attractive conditions for the arrival of new ones appear, and the market itself only gets stronger from it (the correction is accompanied by the market cleaning itself). And one cannot exclude the option that the correction in the market is already finished.

With the advent of a new full-fledged multi-year growth cycle, we will not just see a new wave of empty hype, but will observe the real application of distributed registry technologies.

Samsung has already integrated a hardware wallet in its top-end phones, it is the hardware — a separate microprocessor is responsible for this. Manufacturers of electric cars have declared their support for cryptocurrencies. Even Donald Trump has already started talking about Bitcoin. Industrialization 4.0 is approaching, which simply cannot function without technologies related to cryptocurrencies. So gradually electricity will be tokenized, robots and IOT devices with built-in wallets will appear. In the UK, the number of charging stations for electric vehicles has already exceeded the number of fuel gas stations (9,300 against 8,400).

Analyzing the schedule of bitcoin dominance, you can see that it is able to take up to 70% -75% from this market (and there are forecasts up to 80–85%).

Thus, money can still be poured into Bitcoin, since today its position is most accurately defined from the point of view of legislation, and all new investors are buying it first of all. All these years of development, the market showed incredible interest rates of return, for this reason it was designed as highly risky, at some points even looking like a game of roulette. But to all who developed it and believed in it, generous dividends were paid.

This market is very manipulative and it is always necessary to act on the basis of a specific situation. For example, in the fall, everyone expects a decline in the dominance of bitcoin, but no one thinks that it can begin to decline due to the appearance of new coins on the market, such as TON, or the market may be diluted with tokens sold through STO. All this will greatly affect weak coins.

As history shows, the seasons of altcoins are cyclical. About once a year and a half there is a global decrease in the dominance of bitcoin and, accordingly, an increase in the share of altcoins in the general market. The last altseason was 18 months ago, so more and more often you hear about its approach. Just by drawing conclusions from cyclicality, it is easy to understand that the new altseason will be coming soon.

This formed market looks like a single organism in which Bitcoin is the heart, and all the others are veins supplying it with blood. Moreover, there are phases on the market when Bitcoin needs more blood, and someone even has to sacrifice. But after going through all the difficulties, each time it gives everything to the survivors with very high percentages, and then the long-awaited season of altcoins begins.

Trading altcoins according to the trend is the best option based on the risk / profit ratio, and when crypto-spring arrives on the market, everyone runs to collect snowdrops. So with each new season there are many newborn “super traders” who talk about their incredible abilities until the season ends.

All in crypto!

Join, it’s a lot of fun here ).

You will not believe it, but all this is a long story, I could pass it n a couple of sentences, but for now these sentences will remain my little cache of information.

PS: Everyone is talking about the impending global crisis, and perhaps the cryptocurrency market for us will become not only a way of some possible quick money, but also the only harbor where you can survive this crysis. This does not mean the endless growth of Bitcoin itself, I repeat, the market is very manipulative, every day it brings us surprises. You always need to act on the basis of a specific situation, and reading this Medium channel and a channel in Telegram will make it much easier for you to understand how everything works here.

This is not a trading recommendation. This publication talks about the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency market. Here you will get acquainted with different medium-term development options for the market. It is still possible that we will draw a new bottom and there will be complete surrender and not the long-awaited To The Moon. You must understand that many altcoins after capitulation will simply die in the market.

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